BM Become a resident

Students can enrol in a residency programme of the ECAWBM (BM sub-speciality), if they have a degree in Veterinary Medicine and have been qualified for at least 2 years.

Requirements For a Residency Training Programme for ECAWBM (BM)

Types of Residency Training Programmes

  • Standard Residency Programme: The student enrols on a 3-year approved veterinary residency programme at an approved residency training centre. These programmes are offered on a routine and regular basis without modifications for particular applicants.

If you are interested in offering a Standard Residency Training Programme through your institution, please complete the form below and return it to the chair of the Education Subcommittee.

  • Alternative Residency Programme: This is a tailor-made individual programme including short training courses, periods of work experience and a relevant research project.
    An obvious type of person that would be eligible for this would be veterinary surgeons working on an animal behaviour PhD programme, those living in countries where no standard residency programmes are available or those with work or personal commitments which prevent them from attending a standard residency programme. Students apply for approval of a three-year full-time (or equivalent part-time) individual training programme to the ECAWBM (BM).

Both routes must be supervised by an existing Diplomate (BM sub-speciality).
Potential residents are encouraged to contact a
Diplomate to discuss the options of becoming a supervisor.

Application process

  1. Send completed application form to the chair of the BM Education Subcommittee in cc to the BM executive chair:
  2. The candidate will receive feedback on the decision of their application within the following 3 weeks.