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Every five years diplomates of the BM subspecialty of the College need to be recertified in accordance with the rules of EBVS .

All certified Diplomates are awarded the title European Veterinary Specialist and are allowed to use the logo associated with this protected title. A Diplomate may choose in which speciality he/she wants to be a specialist. More questions :

Recertification process:

  1. Notification
    The candidate will be notified by the Chair of the BM Credentials Subcommittee of their need to recertify in the December of the calendar year preceding.
  2. Recertification form
    The candidate needs to complete the Application Form for Recertification.
    To Download the form click here
    The form must be accompanied by two letters of reference using the provided letter template. To download the template reference letter click here
  1. Sending application
    The completed application and letters of reference should be sent by e-mail to: and copied to the chair of the ECAWBM BM Credentialing Committee on
    The candidate will receive feedback on the decision of their application by the date published in the recertification timeline.
  1. Payment of recertification fee
    Candidates needing to recertify need to pay a recertification fee of 100 €.
    Recertification fee (2020) : 100 Eur
    To pay this fee via PayPal: click here
    For alternative payment methods, please send an email to

Training residents

Are you a diplomate that wants to pass on knowledge & experience?
Are you a diplomate that wants to move forward the field of Behavioural Medicine ?
This is the moment for you to become a SUPERVISOR.

Why do supervisors have a key role?
Being a supervisor is an important task that carries responsibilities to both: to the College and to the residents.  The overall objective of supervising a resident is that the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a resident will be developed, and the necessary level of competence obtained.

What does the ECAWBM expect from you as a Supervisor?
The College expects that supervisors will ensure that Residents will

  • gain the necessary practical experience during their residency in a standard programme or as a resident pursuing the alternative route.
  • produce a sufficient number and quality of publications.
  • stand a good chance of resp. being approved by the Credentialing Subcommittee as well passing all parts of the examination.

More questions :

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Becoming a supervisor – training a resident in a ARTP

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Joining a BM- Subcommittee

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Writing Questions for the ECAWBM (BM) Examination

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