Summer school in Viena

Viena  Veterinary Facutly, Messrli Research institute and Skopje Veterinary Faculty together organise an animal welfare summer school. The aim is to contribute to the teaching on animal welfare, veterinary ethics and law with a focus on small-scale farms and traditional (extensive) production systems. The first summer school will be organised from 21 to 27 July […]

2nd Residency Day of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

We would like to invite all our current residents and their supervisors and everyone interested in stepping into this procedure in the future to the 2nd Residency Day of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. When? Wednesday, 19th October 2016 (one day ahead of the Annual College Conference), 14:00-18:00 in Cascais, Portugal (room is close to the Town Hall/Center of the village). […]