Guidelines for 2020 Exams. BM

Announcement of the 2020 ECAWBM subspecialty Behavioural Medicine EXAMINATION The 2020 ECAWBM subspecialty Behavioural Medicine Examination will take place from Sept 27 th to Sept 29 th in Ghent (Belgium). Location: Ghent UniversityFaculty of Veterinary MedecineSalisburylaan 133, 9820 MerelbekeBelgium Details of specific location, travel, and suggested accommodation will be forwarded to candidates after their application […]


The 2016 Examinations in Behavioural Medicine written papers will be held on Friday 25 November, 2016 and Saturday 26 November, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. The Video Examination will be held one (1) month EARLIER on the Wednesday 19 October, 2016 prior to the ECAWBM Congress in Cascais, Portugal. Candidates MUST be available to answer questions […]