The call for papers for the European College and ESVCE Welfare / Behaviour conference in Bristol from 30th Sept to 4th October this year, is already available.

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The ESVCE / ECAWBM / AWSELVA conference is a five day event made up of one and a half days dedicated to animal welfare, ethics and law, two days to behavioural medicine, half a day with sessions of interests to both groups, and a final day workshop designed for those studying in residency programmes. The conference is suitable for animal behaviour and welfare researchers, veterinary and non-veterinary behaviour clinicians, veterinary surgeons with an interest in animal behaviour and welfare, residents and veterinary and animal behaviour students.
The format includes invited speakers, sessions for submitted abstracts, workshops, poster sessions, and opportunities for debate and discussion. It aims to provide an open and friendly atmosphere in which to share ideas, innovations and best practice in both veterinary behavioural medicine and animal welfare, ethics and law.