Announcement of the 2023 ECAWBM subspecialty Behavioural Medicine EXAMINATION (exam in 2024)

The 2023 ECAWBM subspecialty Behavioural Medicine Examination will take place from Jan 17th – Jan 19th 2024 in Milan (Italy) .

Location: in Italy

Details of specific location, travel, and suggested accommodation will be forwarded as soon as possible.

Proposed schedule of the examination:

Note that these details will be confirmed after you receive notification of whether your application hasbeen successful.

Wednesday 17th January 2023:

09H00 – 13H00 MCQ-General

14H00 – 17H00 Critical review of a specialty journal article

Thursday 18th January 2023:

08H00 – 12H00 MCQ-Species Specific

13H00 – 18H00 Short clinical cases and scenarios

Friday 19th January 2023:

13H00 – 20H00 Individual Objective Case Management (OCM)

Important note:

(1) Due to the nature of this examination, each section will be administered at one time and place ONLY. There will be no alternative arrangements for any reason.

For more information : For additional information or if you encounter any problems please contact the BM Examination SC Member – responsible for the exam , Machteld Van Dierendonck (