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Eligibility to sit the ECAWBM certifying examination requires that the residency program is completed. All residents have to keep records of the specialist experience completed during their period of residency to support their application to the college for sitting the examination. The records should include:

  • 120 case exposures (not exceed 500 words) that describe and briefly comment upon the welfare science, ethics and law considerations of welfare issues that they are perceiving as part of the professional experience. Case exposures must be submitted for review by their supervisor on a regular basis during the residency.
  • 12 case discussions (1500 words excluding tables and figures) based on a critical review of common themes that have emerged from their case exposures. Where possible, case discussions should also involve several people (in addition to the supervisor) to maximise the value of the discussion. Formal discussions should be held regularly during the residency to demonstrate progression in knowledge and understanding. Case discussion records must include the material prepared for the discussion, a summary of the key points of the discussion and a description of any new understanding or knowledge gained by the resident.
  • 3 case extended reports (approximately 3000 words) should include a more in-depth analysis of the welfare science, ethics and law. Case reports may be based upon material collated during case exposures or discussions.


Fee (2019) credentialing check: 100 €, taking the exam: 400 €.

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Residency day

Each year a Residency Day is organised aiming to help residents to improve their knowledge in the field of animal welfare, ethics and law and to discuss some specific topics with other residents and Diplomates.

About the exam

The candidates are able to sit the exam after 3 years of the residency program onwards. The Credentials committee must review and approve the evidence of each candidate before a resident can sit the exam. It is expected that this information will need to be submitted 4 – 6 months prior to sitting the exam. Evidence include:

  • Evidence of completed 120 case exposures, 12 case discussions and 3 case reports
  • Evidence of at least 2 submitted publications. Papers must be accepted for publication by time of exam
  • Evidence of at least 2 oral or poster presentations at conferences
  • Summary of suitable work experience including record of training programmes and conferences attended
  • Summary of research activity
  • Summary of research project outcomes
  • Summary of relevant teaching activity

The examination will examine the resident’s knowledge and understanding of the ECAWBM Animal Welfare syllabus in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law as detailed in the residency requirements.

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