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The European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM) strives to provide animal owners and their veterinarians with European Veterinary Specialists; veterinarians specialised in animal welfare and/or behavioural medicine. The college is composed of two sub-specialties namely Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (AWSEL) and Behavioural Medicine (BM). Diplomates are qualified veterinarians who have undergone an extensive, well-defined training programme over many years within the fields of animal welfare and behavioural medicine before passing a demanding board examination. This assures high quality service to the general animal owning public and to referring veterinarians.


Behavioural Medicine. Provisionally recognised in 2002. Fully recognised in 2013 (12th April 2013).
Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. Provisionally recognised in 2011

Recognition from the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation

The College received Provisional Recognition from the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) on the first of April 2002 and Full Recognition on the 12th of April 2012.

ECAWBM Structure

The College is governed by the College Board which consists of the College officers. The College officers are elected during AGMs by the College Members. The College officers ensure that the College runs according to the rules of the EBVS and the Constitution and Bylaws of the College. Day to day activities are run by the Executive Group of both sub-specialities. Each sub-speciality Executive Group is comprised of the Chair of each Sub-Committee and the Chair of the Executive Group. The Executive Group oversees the running of the Committees who work hard to keep all college affairs in order.

ECAWBM Board / College Officers

  • President: Alessandro Cozzi, president@ecawbm.org
  • Vice-President: Anouck Haverbeke, vicepresident@ecawbm.org
  • Secretary: Emmanuelle Titeux, secretary@ecawbm.org
  • Treasurer: Nancy De Briyne, treasurer@ecawbm.org
  • Past-President,Gonçalo da Graça Pereira, pastpresident@ecawbm.org
  • Chair Executive Group AWSEL, Paul Roger, secretaryaw@ecawbm.org
  • Chair Executive Group BM, Tiny de Keuster, secretarybm@ecawbm.org

Sub-speciality Executive Groups and Committees of the College

ECAWBM Members

The College has the following members:
(a) Founding Diplomates ECVBM-CA (2002)
(b) Founding Diplomates ECAWBM (Welfare Science, Ethics and Law) (2011)
(c) Diplomates
(d) Honorary Members
(e) Associate members
(f) Non-Practising Diplomates
(g) Retired Diplomates

Specialist Titles

  • EBVS European Veterinary Specialist® in Behavioural Medicine
  • EBVS European Veterinary Specialist® in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law

Constitution & Bylaws

Click here to view the Constitution and ByLaws
Click here to see Appendix 1 (Quality Assurance) and Appendix 2 (on Knowledge, Skills and Competences of diplomates).

ECAWBM Members Lists

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Committees of College

Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (AWSEL) Sub-Speciality Sub-Committees

AWSEL Executive Group

• Patricia Turner (Chair)
• Hen Honig
• Paolo Dalla Villa
• Peter Thornton

For enquiries about examinations, please contact Hen Honig at examinationAWSEL@ecawbm.org

For enquiries about credentials and recertification, please contact Peter Thornton at credentialAWSEL@ecawbm.org

For enquiries about education, please contact Paolo Dalla Villa at residencyAWSEL@ecawbm.org

Re-certification and Credentialing sub-Committee:

• Peter Thornton (Chair)
• Anne Fawcett (Vice-Chair)
• Peter Fordyce
• Laura Hanninen
• Evangelia Sossidou

Education sub-Committee:

• Paolo Dalla Villa (Chair)
• Manuel Magalhães Sant’Ana (Vice -Chair)
• David Bailey

Examination sub-Committee:

• Hen Honig (Chairperson)
• Paul Roger (Vice-Chair)
• Andrew Gardiner
• Jose Peralta

Behavioural Medicine (BM) Sub-Speciality Sub-Committees

BM Executive Group:

• Tiny de Keuster (Chair)
• Ludovica Pierantoni
• Sarah Heath
• Helen Zulch

Credentialing and Re-certification sub-Committee:

• Sarah Heath (Chair)
• Theresa DePorter (Vice-Chair)
• Patrick Pageat
• Christos Karigiannis
• Angelo Gazzano
• Jorge Palacio

Education and Residency sub-Committee:

• Helen Zulch (Chair)
• Ángela González Martínez (Vice-Chair)
• Marta Amat
• Gerard Muller
• Sylvia García-Belenguer

Examination sub-Committee:

• Ludovica Pierantoni (Chair)
• Carlo Siracusa (Vice-Chair)
• Chiara Passalacqua
• Machteld van Dierendonck
• Nadja Affenzeller
• Simona Normando